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Set O (4 Kuantiti - 3 Item) Barangan Runcit Keperluan Asas, Set Bakul Makanan, Grocery Set, Food Basket.

RM 41.90
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Features  :

☆ This is NOT Ready-packed set

☆ Fullfillment, packing and ship out will take 1 to 5 days.

☆ All order will process consequently based on who order first.

☆ Please choose another same item in our shop which is it labelled with 'Ready-Packed', if you want us to give priorities to your urgent order.

☆ We cant accept any cancellation request after we already confirm fullfillment.

☆ Please buy 1 set per order to avoid any damaging issue in delivery process.

☆ FYI, we always use DHL as our main shipping provider.

Set  O  -  Set Barang Runcit

1.  Milo 3 in 1   x   1 pek (B)  
2.  Sardin King Cup   x   2 tin (K)  
3.  Mee Maggi   x   1 pek  

Informasi  :

☆ EMBuzz Mart merupakan pasaraya mini online yang kami baru sahaja mulakan...
☆ Berdaftar di bawah milikan EMBA Biz Solutions dan dibiayai oleh Tenaga EMBA Corp. dan disahkan melalui pendaftaran dengan pihak Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)...
☆ Fokus EMBuzz Mart adalah barangan atau item2 runcit di bawah kategori 'Groceries'...

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